2012 Wrap Up – Part I

Now that I’ve had the blog for almost a year, I think it’s about time to do a wrap up of 2012 and go through all the posts I’ve had over the year. A good way to end 2012 as well.

To be honest, I’m not sure how long this will take or how many parts I’ll have, but I think I’ll just start now. It’s been a great year and it seems like it’s been such a long one, but so much has changed it’s hard to believe. We went through a short summer with tons of photoshoots, meeting new people, seeing a bunch of sick new whips, and even building the STI up to it’s best and seeing it come right back down to stock all within a few months. Everyone’s cars changed, people came and left, but at the end of the day you know who’s really there for you and to help and support you through whatever you’re going through. Whether it’s simple things like what color your next wheel should be, or life’s little drama episodes. You find out where you belong and where to put people in your life, you realize that it’s not their job to place themselves there otherwise you’ll wonder why you ever let them in.

Anyways, let’s go through January and see what I was up to. Might even amaze me while I look back at all this. I think the early parts of the year will be fairly short. Winter time doesn’t make it easy to get content – plus I was just starting the blog so I was kind of all over the place.

On January 15th, I posted an “IMissSummer” pic of the STI in during 2011. It was in its early stages of finding the sweet spot.

On January 18th, I put together some illmotion iPhone 4 cases with UnCommon and they turned out pretty rad. It was early in the year and I think we all needed something to help summer come faster.

January 27th, and I was getting the Varis itch. Nick helped me order the Varis kit back in November and it was getting close for it to be coming in. At the time, it was just released and it was rare to find any pictures of it in the flesh and in action. Everytime I saw one, I posted it and tried to imagine what mine would look like.

Shortly after there were sketches of the widebody Varis kit to add on to the original kit. Didn’t think it was actually going to happen or look good, and to this day I still think there’s only the one that Varis built that’s matte black. I don’t recall seeing anyone else with it.

***End January/Part I***

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