Meet The Worlds Indecisive Person

I know. I know. My previous post that I deleted is now nothing to me. I said I didn’t want to jinx myself and I did haha

Part of me didn’t want to do them because after further research – only merc and bimmer guys used those wheels. Not that anything is wrong with it, but as Nick put it – it’s like Subie guys loving Rotas. Again – nothing wrong with it, but it seems almost like a niche wheel that I think I’d rather pass on.

Again my search continues and now I find SSR’s new Vienna line. More specifically the Merisia… They only list 20″ on the website, but on the tanabe japan website, there is 21″.

I want these. But don’t believe me when I say it because there’s a good chance I’ll change my mind. But as of right now, I want it. I’m hoping Tunerworks can get me a price on the 21’s. Maybe once I put a deposit down I won’t be able to change my mind anymore. I NEED to call Mark tomorrow.

Plus, you can’t own an LS and have cheap wheels. I just won’t allow myself to do it. Until I actually place an order, I’ll probably just keep blogging about all the wheels I want.

2cia79x 2saaxlc wheel02 wheel03

2 thoughts on “Meet The Worlds Indecisive Person

    • I’m trying to get some good pricing on these. I’m PRETTY SURE I am 110% on these ones.
      I hope I can lock them in for summer!

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