I Need Wheels…

I need wheels. Bad.

A part of me says that I can wait until next year, but thinking about rolling around on stock wheels makes me butt hurt so I can’t. At the very least, I want wheels by mid or late summer so I can enjoy it a little bit.Like I’ve mentioned in other posts, I am having a super hard time finding wheels that 1) look good on the LS, 2) are different than what’s been done, and 3) I have to love them.

The problem is that the wheels I love don’t look good on the LS.

The wheels that look good on the LS, I don’t love.

The wheels I want have already been done.

So I’ve come down to these three (and I know it’ll change within 24 hours) but as of now, I’m going to post them so I know it’s on the list. They’re all from the Weds Kranze and Maverick line. I’m not a fan of any of the WORK wheels too much, the RAYS black fleet line isn’t that impressive, VIP Modular has some but I’m on the fence, Auto Couture, K BREAK, and SSR’s are not exciting me either.I spoke with Mark from RavSpec this morning and he can get all the wheels I want, including the Aimgain’s but those are hella pricey – and could reach well over $6000k to get them here after customs and they’re only 20″. I want at least 21″ since the LS is huge.

Anyways – Here are the three I’m wheels I’m ogling right now. The Bazreias are still there cause they’re so bad ass. But it falls under the category “The wheels I want have already been done”. The first ones – Maverick 405s I’m digging. The Vishunus at the bottom are also nice, but the way the spokes twist kind of turns me off. As I’m typing this out, I don’t really know why it’s on my list. It’s just sort of gangster.



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