Queen LSabeth is Home!

Well – made the trek down to Red Deer one more time after work to pick up the LS. I was so anxious all night and day to pick it up that I couldn’t work haha

I decided to take a few shots just for you guys to see. This thing is a monster and barely fit in the garage with the TE’s up front. Now I have to move them again so it can park properly. Such a pain.

Anyways, first order of business when I got home was to clean up the badly oxidized headlights. Like literally – fogged up and can’t see shit. I knew the second I saw it that I could fix it myself in 10 minutes but it was one of those things I used to bring the price of the car down. They didn’t even know how to get rid of it. I got home and busted out the orbital and a bit of Poorboys SSR 2.5 and boom – crystal clear headlights like they were brand new. The good thing about it is that it looks like they were oxidized for so long that it protected it from a lot of the pitting and scratches. Weird – but it was literally pretty thick and you could feel it. Once I polished it off, they were crystal clear. You’ll see as you scroll…

The first pic. The headlights were already polished here, but gives you an idea of how big the car is. No room up front and no room in the rear to move around the car unless you open the garage. I also popped a box of baking soda inside to freshen it up until Saturday. I’ll be doing a full polish, shampoo and detail to get it looking pristine. I usually put a box of baking soda in my cars over the winter to keep it smelling nice for when I hop in it again in the summer.

The interior. Super clean. The leather was mint, the accents are awesome and match the exterior nicely.

A closer look at the center console area. Some of the controls are the rear window shade, the rear side window shades, rear recline, heated/cooled seats, suspension stiffness, and air ride to bring the car up.

The Mark Levinson audio upgrade. This upgrade is $5000 off the bat. The subwoofer is 20x better than the JL combo I have in the Civic (obviously, I guess).  Speakers everywhere. Actually kind of gave me a headache driving home cause I was blasting it hahahaha


Mini LCD screen. It also shows the actual car but I can’t remember how to get it. LOL

The rear controls. Basically allows you to control everything around you in your little quadrant of the car. The car was made to be driven in, not to be driven. Change the radio station, volume, etc. Your recline, air and heat…

Part of the Mark Levinson system in the rear. Tweeters and speakers at the top of the door. Below is more speakers.

A shot of the cooler in the rear to hold your beverages. Again, haven’t figured out how to use it but it’s gangster.

A shot of the rear leg room. The rear seat is fully reclined and pulled forward.

Another shot with more controls when you pop the center area open.

Shot from the rear quarter.


Shot of the headlight after I polished it. Maybe at some point I want to switch these out for the 600HL headlights with multiple projectors but it’s a costly project…

Anyways, just a quick walkaround the car for you guys to see. On Saturday when I detail it and everything, I’ll try and get some better shots! The car itself is a dream to drive – you literally feel like a king. Since this is also the first time I’ve driven a V8 – I was surprised at how hard this thing pulls. On the way home, it was unlimited power. Not STI power, but definitely crazy.

4 thoughts on “Queen LSabeth is Home!

  1. If your wondering how the cooler works, it cools beverages with the cars AC. Just make sure the vent in the cooler is open to allow air through. IMO it works great given it cools just off AC.

  2. yeah np, car is amazing im sure you will figure out more things as the days go by. Especially reading threads on club lexus. vent should be in the actual cooler itself. If you look inside should have a small tab allowing you to slide it open or closed. (Open – air flow Closed-no air flow) vent should be on the upper portion of cooler.

    • Yeah I’m looking forward to it! I’ve been on club lexus for a few weeks now… It’s an awesome car for sure.
      And yeah – I think I see the tab in the pic I took 😛 haha – thanks again!

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