Project: Lexus LS460L

Turns out some bad news and patience can turn into some good things. Today is actually the 1 year anniversary of my blogging and like I said in my previous post of wanting to say I got an LS – I get to actually do it.

So that slate LS460L I mentioned in my last post that I was supposed to see on Saturday – I ended up buying. At around 3:50PM today, I went over to Nathan’s desk at work and asked if he wanted to come to Red Deer with me to check out the LS. An hour drive – how bad could it be.

4PM and we’re out of there. An hour later, we show up and the guy throws me the keys and says give at ‘er. First of all – the dealership was super awesome and laid back, no pressure and super trusting. Some qualities you don’t always see in dealers. He chucked me the keys and said “see ya guys later”. Unbelievable.

So first, we asked to bring it in the garage to take a closer look at it in the light. It was super cold there for some reason so the pics show a lot of frost EVERYWHERE – the car is not damaged or anything, it was just the frost. I took some detail pics for you guys to see. Pretty gangster.

Next thing you know, we’re making deals and it’s done. I pick it up tomorrow. I’ll have nice pics up tomorrow!

The center console with nav and the Mark Levinson audio upgrade – which btw is amazing. The rear speakers are actually right above the head too – makes it sound like true soundsurround.


Rear. Check out the legroom. There is an extra 5″ of legroom in the long wheelbase version which doesn’t sound like a lot, but it actually is. The extra 5″ in the back allows both rear seats to recline.

This was something that surprised me. I didn’t know the rear was a full control set up. I didn’t even see it in the ad. You can control the radio, station, volume, recline, shades, and all that other fancy stuff.

A shot of the front’s console. Air ride equipped.


Kind of to give you an idea of how much room is really back there. Still hard to show in pics, but I was fully reclined and still had stretch room.

Nathan being diligent and checking for scuffs…

The second surprise was opening this up. I was actually expecting a pass through – but it’s actually a cooler. Pretty cool.

ML system.

Another shot of the rear.

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