VIP Rice

This VIP shit is really getting to me. I’ve always really liked Junction Produce stuff but it just wouldn’t flow with my car no matter how much I wanted it to. When JC got his Junction Produce Kintsuna and neck pads, I wanted them so bad but could you imagine them in an STI? Not so cool lol.

Now that I am getting a car that it will actually work in, I’m looking more into it and some of the stuff is so ridiculous but it’s so cool. I am pretty sure that the interior VIP pieces possess the equivalent amount of rice factor as a Voltex or J’s Racing wing. I am also pretty sure that’s why I love it so much.

I admit that some of the stuff is way over the top and not executed well – like a lot of things lately, and I think with a tan interior, it’s going to be a little tougher to carry out the look. I do want the VIP tray for shows and stuff haha. Some OK and some cool ones below…

VIP’d out front tray.

JP rear pillows and pads and diamond stitching interior. I think I want that.

Here’s the color of the interior of the LS I’m looking at. This one was executed it well. I can do without the curtains… but who knows.

Full black with JP seat pads, neck pads and tissue box cover. Haha even typing that out made me feel so corny. Tissue box cover?! lol

Another VIP tray on a RHD and curtains.

3 thoughts on “VIP Rice

  1. There’s white JP pillows. 😉
    And you could look into the seat covers by DAD Garson etc.

    Speaking of corny – have you seen the Garson potato (fries) holder?

  2. I wonder if the white JP pillows would work in the tan interior better than black JP pillows…

    HAHA omg I can’t believe that holder… unbelievable. Now that’s way over the top.

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