More LS Wheel Choices Pt. II

More photoshop time!

I was on COD for a little bit but whenever the connection gets interrupted and you get killed, I get annoyed as F so I usually rage quit and do something else.
I’ve been trying to think of some wheels to go on the LS for a few days now and I was talking to Jackie and we both agreed that we’re both VIP noobs. The only wheels we could think of were wheels we’d put on our ricer mobiles. I’d never thought about wheels over 19″ – now I have to look at 21″ wheels and move out of the forged/cast wheels.

Personally I’m still a huge fan of Meisters. The downside is that the biggest they make them is 19″ which would look tiny on the huge LS body..

The other choices are the Kranze Bazreia and AME Shallen AX’s. I’m really leaning towards the Bazreia’s but they seem quite common on VIP cars. It’s tough to find something with dish that’s simple enough that would work nicely. I probably won’t be doing wheels this year and I’ll get the air setup all done and properly put in before I look at wheels. It gives me more time to look at other choices and figure out offsets.

Anyways – what do you guys think?

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