Final Prep for Departure

The day has finally come. I spent most of the day getting the car ready for the buyer to come pick it up tomorrow evening. I know people are saying that it’s sad to see the car go, but I honestly don’t feel any sadness. More like excitement to start on a new project. I’m happy cause the buyer is stoked to pick it up and drive it.

I met up with a WSC member to grab the 2010 stock wheels because dumb me sold my own thinking I wasn’t going to need them. Thankfully I found a set just on time. And they’re on winter tires too.

The stock 2010 fat spokes. I love these way more than the new enkei’s on the 2011+ models. They even look better on the sedan. A little dirty, but nothing a little cleaning can’t fix.

So good.

The last picture I’ll ever have with the car on TE’s.

Off! For sale too. The previous buyer flaked as well so they’re up again. If anyone is interested – $3600 OBO. 18×9.5 +22 on falken FK452 235/40/18. Center caps too. Mint.

On the stockers. Looks dope.

I think it makes the car look a lot more aggressive with the bigger spokes. Shows the brakes nicely as well.

Also cleaned up the garage and moved stuff around. If you compare this picture to the first picture – minus the parts, I had to move the white cabinet over to the back wall. The reason is to fit the LS when it gets here. The long wheelbase version is 202.8 inches long. I measured the garage and the cabinet would’ve gotten in the way of the car and I wouldn’t be able to park it. Most of the parts in the picture are for the buyer to take – it’s all the stock stuff: exhaust, suspension, HID’s, BPV… Everything but the wheels. Once it’s cleaned out, there should be plenty of room for the LS.

My artistic shot of the TE’s. Love them and I honestly don’t want to let them go because these are timeless wheels. Mackin has marked them up again, and retail for a set in this size is over $4000. I’m not in a hurry to let them go, but if I get to keep them, I wouldn’t complain either.

All parked and ready for departure tomorrow!

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