SOLD: Voltex Type 5 GT Wing

Well, surprisingly the wing is sold and in less than 24 hours.

A friend from iwsti messaged me and told me he’d take it ASAP and send the funds immediately. Within 15 minutes, the money was in my account and that was that. The one thing that I hate about shipping a wing is finding a box big enough to fit it. The last time I did this was about two years ago with the J’s Racing wing and it was shipped out to Toronto. I tweeted earlier that this was like deja vu all over again because I had to put two boxes together again and make sure it was sturdy enough to hold the wing in transit. I went to home depot and picked up two large packing boxes and put them together. Took a good hour haha

Now I have to bring it and get it shipped out tomorrow. All that’s left is the bride seat and the rails – any takers?

The next thing I have to figure out is how to pack the Varis kit to ship to New York… Headache…

Wing all wrapped up.

After a good hour or so of work, I got the boxes cut up and put together with a ton of packing tape. lol sad to see it go, but glad to see it go to someone good. It’ll be going on another SWP Sedan.

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