Parts For Sale

OK I’ve been meaning to do this for a looooong time and just never got around to it because I’ve been lazy to take pics. So basically, these are the parts that are left for sale that have not been called for. Thought I’d post it up here too if anyone is interested.

Shoot me an email if you’re interested!

  1. Bride Bucket Rails for 2008-2012 Subaru STI/Impreza. Driver side is used, passenger side is brand new and never been used. I was originally planning on getting another seat, but that bit the dust. Comes with all hardware.
    $500 for both.
  2. Voltex Type 5 GT Wing. 1650mm, 275mm legs. Modified GTR mounts. You can get your own mounts if you’d like as well. The wing is mint. Brand new stickers on the sides. The legs were purchased from Evasive.
    $1900 OBO
  3. 1x Bride Zeta III Sport. Seat is mint. No wearing or tearing. You usually see wear on the tops of the sides from getting in and out, but I always made sure to hop over it cause I didn’t want to wreck it. The shoulder area is also mint. Back is scratch free. You can have the stickers too lol.
    $900 OBO

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