New SSR Executor Line

Again – still a slump around here and not doing much. I caught a cold over the long weekend and haven’t really slept all that much. It’s putting a big dent in my gym schedule too, let alone all the other stuff I have to do.

The STI is still in the shop getting final touches to get ready for the buyer – I’m thinking I’ll get it back this week. It’s getting fresh new liners installed, a new windshield washer fluid line, and the Varis parts are being taken off.

Other than that, I’m anxiously waiting to see if my buyer is going to take the car. I’m afraid he’ll change his mind and I’ll have to put it up again and it’ll slow my search for an LS. There’s a minty one in Ontario that has super low KM but the dealership isn’t answering emails. Typical.
I’ve also been going back and forth between wheel ideas – as you can see from my photoshops, and I’m having sort of a tough time finding something. Nick has been keeping me in the loop with new stuff like the Air Runner kit and just recently, the new SSR Executor line of wheels that was debuted at SEMA. Two choices for now – CV01’s with the straight multi-spoke and the CV02’s with a split spoke. The funny thing is that he’s been throwing ideas for wheels and I’ve concluded that I’m picky as heck. As you might already know, I’m a big fan of Meisters and it’s a timeless wheel along with the TE37. I think a 3pc with a matte black face or silver machined face would look killer in 20″ for the LS on air.

The new SSR’s remind me of ADV1’s… almost exactly. I’m a fan of ADV1 styling – it’s different and there are few ADV1 models that I dislike. I’m happy to see that SSR is taking some of the styling cues and making it their own. The CV01 with the silver machined faced is my favourite. I’ll try to photoshop it in later tonight or tomorrow to see what it could look like…

Took a few pics from Raytrix’s flickR photostream

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