Tattoo Ideas

Spent the day thinking up some ideas for a new tattoo. I’ve been getting the itch. I just want one more… I know people always say that, but I think after a nice, big piece my itch will go away for a while. I hope.

I’ve been holding off on it because I wanted to make sure this was what I wanted and I think it’s a good piece. It’s just that I find it difficult to find the perfect helmet and facial expression for the samurai mask. I am liking the demon mask over the traditional mask so that’s probably the route I’ll be going. I’m still playing with some ideas for what I should use to surround it, but I’m thinking cherry blossoms would be nice and maybe the japanese style wind or flame. We’ll see…

Once I have some time, I’m going to go and see if I can work something out with the artist and see if he has any suggestions. This was the second sketch today, the first one I did was pretty plain – no real “fierce” look or anything. I enjoy this one.

As for placement ideas – I’m thinking of the side of the calf so it wraps around, or on the side of my ribs more towards the front. We’ll see…

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