Gummy Croco Arrival

So after a long 10 weeks, my gummy croc strap came in to Calgary Jewelry. It’s brutal because if you think about it – it’s only a strap, yet it took almost as long as wheels.

It makes the watch look like a totally different animal. I know it’s weird to say, but the watch as a whole is a little bit lighter and it gives it a more unique look. The rubber was nice but made it look cheap and I don’t know why I didn’t get gummy in the first place. It’s also super comfy to wear.

One thing I wish is that they made the Nomex bands for the Big Bangs too and not just King Powers. That’s another super comfy band that I’d love to have one day. Nomex is used to make things like racing gloves and it’s fireproof too. If you guys ever get a chance to try on a Nomex band from a King Power, do it. You’ll never look back. Anyways, just took some quick shots of the gummy.

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