First off – I want to say that I am going totally insane with this new car decision making process. A week or two ago I was playing with the idea of maybe getting an Audi S4 or S5 even if it fit my price range. Negative – and I really don’t want to be spending that much money at this point in my car. It’d be nice but not right now.

Yesterday I decided to just take the leap of faith and see what an LS would cost me. A little background behind my LS obsession right now – I’ve been drooling over an LS for as long as I can remember. I even remember pricing one out and even a base LS made just force myself to never think about it again because I’d never own one. I don’t really like to waste my time in dreaming about something I’ll never have. Sure, it’s nice to know that “one day” you could have it but “one day” isn’t good enough for me. It tends to just get you down when you think about a life that “might be” rather than what “will be”.
My dream of having an LS was rekindled a few years ago when I got into the drifting RC cars – I got the LS600h because frankly, that was as close as I’d get to an LS. If I could pretend I could drive it, I’d do it in RC form. But alas, I put the flame out to that too because once again – when would I be able to get an LS? It also helps that you don’t see too many LS’s on the road for probably one reason: they are expensive as f*** and that’s why.

Anyways – I took the opportunity and I *think* it’s the route I want to go and the 370z dream can be put to rest.
Check out the inspiration.

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