I am literally killing myself over this everyday.

There is a black 370z fully loaded sitting at Land Rover Calgary right now that I want to go and drive and say “I’ll take it”. But I can’t because I have to wait until near the end of November for the car to go… and if it doesn’t go, then even longer. BRUTAL.

I’ve been looking at a bunch of Amuse stuff lately and you could say it’s like the J’s Racing of Nissan’s. Not to mention their exhaust sounds amazing… but you’ll break the bank really quick with their pieces. Well worth it though, I think.

Here are a few pics that I found while torturing myself. There’s also a bunch from a shop visit a member took there.

Man, I am a sucker for those colors…

Shop tour of Amuse begins here. I have a bunch on my home computer that I saved years ago that I found with high quality pictures of all their exhaust pieces and I can’t seem to find it on the net anymore. If I remember, I’ll post those up too.

Can I have just one of those?

Carbon doors.

Full straight pipe and a tiny muffler.

Closer look at the tip. So gangster.

One of their pieces on a 370z. So perfect!

Another piece. I believe this was for an M3…

And an Amuse 370z I found on in color specific galleries. This was the best one in there hands down.

I need one.

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