Pixel Cars!

Was bored all afternoon and decided I’d go ahead and make a pixelcar of the 370z. Can you tell I’m obsessed, yet?

I’ve done it for the Civic and the STI so I decided I’d give it a go on the 370. Not the best, but good enough. The crazy thing about it all is that it’s done in Microsoft Paint. I know. Believe it or not there are people that are absolutely insane with how good they can make their pixel cars look with hours of work into one car. It’s an art – from making the paint blend and with the correct shadows to where each line starts. Pixel by pixel and if you mess up even ONE pixel, it looks wrong. So while we make fun of Microsoft Paint, it’s crazy what you can do when working with an infinite amount of colors, a pixel pen, x8 zoom, and patience.

Changed it from yellow to white
Lowered it
Added camber
Added rear brake light
Added Amuse exhaust
Added Amuse body kit
Added Aerojacket spoiler
Added the closest looking wheel to Weds Kranze LXZ’s


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