Weds Kranze LXZ Photoshop

I’m kind of obsessing over Weds Kranze LXZ’s right now. They just look so good with dish and it’s a different kind of wheel you don’t see all too often.

I’m sure the rears of a 370z could fit a 19×11 +10 without much issue and still have lots of dish depending on the disk. I’m personally not too familiar with Weds wheels but this one has to be one of their best.

I still think I might be getting ahead of myself since I don’t even have the car yet, but one day it’ll come. I’m really pushing for either white or black to come along, but so far no luck…

Anyways – I took a shot of the Amuse 370Z that HRE was using and photoshopped it. What do you guys think?

The original.

Wheels photoshopped on.

Lowered the car to a nice height.

Then tried changing the color of the center to a dark gunmetal. Not sure if I want to do a color or not or just stick with plain silver… I guess I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it. BUT it looks great on the LXZ’s.

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