Operation: Stock STI (almost)

Well that time has come. I made a deal with the potential buyer that I’d keep the wing, kit, wheels and seat and he could have the rest.
Today was my mission to take most of it off so I wouldn’t have to think about it later.

Kind of depressing actually. You build something up that you learn to love and then suddenly you take it apart because you’re tired of it. I keep telling everyone that I’m just so tired of looking at it and even driving it. It doesn’t give me the thrill anymore. Putting it back to normal is like telling it that you’re over it. Kind of like “it’s not you, it’s me”. And it totally is – a car can’t love me back, it just does what I want.

Anyways that’s starting to sound creepy. It’s done now. All I need to do is take the kit off and it’s ready for its new owner. However, I am kind of happy it isn’t going as is. It’d be weird to see pictures of the car with someone else and I’d be depressed if it got messed up.

Onto the teardown…

The stock wing. Minty. But not gt enough. LOL

The last time you guys will see it like this

Bye bye

Wing off

Stock wing back on. Looks so weird to me.

Weird. But still good

Next up was the seat. Easy

Came out in 5 minutes.

OG stickers coming off.

Then this son of a b**** took a little longer. It’s like 80lbs. Jesus.

Interior back to stock

And this is what I have for sale if anyone is interested. Email me.

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