JC’s Corolla – Favourites

JC’s Corolla is now up on illmotion!
Check it out here:
iM Feature: JC’s Toyota Corolla XRS

Here’s the link to when I first posted a pic after the shoot:
Sneak-a-peak – JC’s Corolla

The one thing about JC’s Corolla is that it’s different, whether you hate it or love it – you can’t really deny that he’s gone the road less traveled. For most of us, the first cars that we might think of modifying are Civics, RSX’s, Impreza’s, Lancers, S2000’s – but I’ll be honest, The Corolla, aside from the late AE86 is not a platform that comes to mind right off the bat. But don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a bad thing at all. It’s cars like this and people like JC that bring a little flavour to the scene.

An S2000 will always be sick but it seems like it has been done in every possible combination that it’s difficult to make it unique. Civic’s are in the same boat. The thing with those cars is that you really have to go above and beyond what everybody else is doing and do it better. But that’s the good thing about it all – once in a while, you see something totally different that nobody ever thought of and wonder why it didn’t happen sooner. People are always thinking outside of the box but not following through. But that might be the problem – outside-of-the-box thinking will always get you criticism and dare I say, hate. Everybody is so scared of the internet and its gang of keyboard warriors that what “could be” a great idea never actually happens.

Anyways back to JC’s Corolla. While I can honestly say that the Corolla would’ve never been my first choice, JC has really changed the way I see them. While I am an “over the top” kind of guy when modifying my cars – JC’s simple and functional attitude does help me respect the finer things in cars like his. “Less is more” is the only way of describing his car because less is really all you need in this case. An easy way to describe it is “Damn” – the kind of “Damn” that means two things:

1) Damn, that looks crazy.

2) Damn, and he did it to a Corolla.

Props to you, JC for going against the grain and building what you see fit. An example of a combination of quality products, simple taste, and a vision of what the total package should look like. We need more innovation in the scene – not in the products we buy, but in the way we put them together.

Thinking back – the way that JC’s Corolla sits now has been from a bunch of lengthy discussion and debates. I’m even guilty of telling him that I didn’t agree with what he wanted to do and even to remove or add certain things. At the end of the day he goes ahead his own way and takes my opinion with a grain of salt. Even after all that – he still asks for my opinion lol. But that’s how it should be, opinions are just opinions.

VS-XX – classy.

Still blows my mind looking at this picture. A mix of VIP and a car that wants to be a sport coupe.

Cruisin’ downtown Calgary

Boom! Another one in the bag.

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