STI Hibernation. It’s That Time…

Today is Thanksgiving. It is also the day that many car guys can attest to… the time you either have to park your car or convert it into winter mode. The latter is not so bad because you still get to drive it in ghetto mode. It’s a depressing time. I had parked it at the beginning of October, but never had time to start cleaning it or anything.
Since today was a mellow holiday Monday and I didn’t have a dinner until the evening, I decided I might as well go ahead and get it over with.

To be honest, I wasn’t too sad about putting it away. I’ve mentioned before that I’m kind of tired of the whole car thing – and like I said before, maybe it’s because I was in such a hurry to finish the car so quick that now that it’s at this stage, I’m not too excited about it anymore. If anything, I’m more relieved that it’s away because I don’t have to be filling $70 worth of gas every 6 days haha. Now that I drive the Civic, I fill it every 3 weeks and it costs me $45. Rich.

Still dirty. When I took this pic, I was really just so lazy that I almost walked back inside and left it till next week.

Most of it cleaned. Wheels and barrels all washed up. Interior all done. Exterior all done. All that was next was to remove the bumper.

After a few pain in the ass clips, I got it off. The reason I took it off was because I had cracked the lip a few months back when it was still dumped. I was careless and the lip smacked the driveway and needless to say, it’s been needing some TLC.

Looks gangster without a bumper lol

Bumper off. Next up was to remove the lip from the bumper. T_T

After a few bolts, the lip came off easily.

If you look, you can see two cracks. The first one is right where the lip begins to go straight. Upon further inspection, the lip was actually split all the way down and under. The biggest one was right in front of that second hold in the picture. It literally came apart. I ended up sanding it down and epoxy-ing it together until winter. It ended up holding quite nicely, but it could be better.

Parked away in the corner it shall stay for the next 5+ months and battery removed.

Now that I look at it, I guess it gives me a chance to install some hella horns…

The plate hangs once again.

Bags of bolts. I know it’s kind of lame, but I labeled and even drew the bumper out so I knew where the bolts would go. Right now I know it’s simple enough to remember, but 6 months down the road, I’ll probably be like “uh…” hahaha JUST INCASE

There they are…

Now I have two bumpers sitting around in the basement. See you next year!

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