FR-S: Round Two

Yesterday I met up with Richard for the second time to check out his FR-S. He broke it in finally and I asked if he could let me know so I could give it another go around.

It’s such a nice car to look at. The lines are great – some better wheels and a nice drop would be sufficient to make this car look super aggressive.

At Richard’s house.

We went to go for a quick car wash before we took some shots.

Into the carwash…

Waiting around. It was cold as F yesterday.

This poster was outside. Kind of weird, but am I the only one that doesn’t get why this is posted outside a car wash? haha

EDIT I thought it said crime is crime. LOL. Thanks to Diana for pointing out that its “grime is crime”. Mindfuck.

A quick roller. Always.

A random shot of JC’s fifty shades of grey stick haha

Looks kind of like a Forza shot. I hate the wheels that come on these so much. It’s like they put all their effort into the design of the car and then said “let’s put the ugliest wheels on this. And to top it off, let’s make it a 5×100 bolt pattern”. *FACEPALM*

Last shot. FR-S and Corolla together. It’s like the Corolla’s step brother.

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