Richard & Wenlei’s Wedding – Part IV

The finale to the wedding! Let’s see what happened towards the end of the night, shall we?

Chillin at the table.

My uncle David guarding his pasta for the games to follow.

Richard & Wenlei giving their thank-you speech of the night.

Here we see Randy still sober and confident in himself. Being sober allows you to be quite insistent that you won’t get drunk. Tonight was my personal goal to get Randy drunk. We’ve drank before at birthday parties and such but no matter how many shots we fed him, he just never got drunk. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this guy tipsy. He’s a big guy so I know it would take a lot. He’s holding a shot of Maotai, and this can only be brought from China. Wenlei’s parents brought a bunch back with them and I know this was my chance.

Let’s just do a mental count of how much he’s drank up until this picture. Since most of us were driving and all of us had glasses of wine that we didn’t want to finish – we gave it to Randy. That puts the tally at 4 glasses of wine. Still nothing.

In this picture, we’re at 5 shots of Maotai – 4 of them are finished and he’s got one left. He had 2 before this. I was sure it was coming…

Let’s take a break and check in with Ricky to see what he’s up to. Oh, let’s pull out a checklist here. Checkered dress shirt: Check. Bow tie: Check. Little cup of tea: Check. Pursed lips: Check. Pinky out: Check.

He qualifies as a Chap.

OK back to the tally. So he’s finished all the shots of Maotai. He’s got two glasses of wine left. 6 glasses of wine now and 7 shots of Maotai.

Note: The smell of Maotai can make you drunk. I hate it.

Here’s another shot of Maotai with Kevin – Richard’s best man. 8 shots of Maotai, now.

Last glass of wine. You can guess what’s going to happen next.

Another break to watch Richard and Wenlei cut the cake.

A little mess doesn’t hurt.

And the last you’ll see of some lovey dovey stuff on this blog.

OK, maybe a little more. Some games. Re-enacting The Lady and The Tramp scene.

Wenlei getting directed by Richard to feed him cake blindfolded.

This game involved Richard smelling the lineup you see here and to pick out Wenlei. Yes, he did it.

Their first dance as a couple.

Here we go. The moment that I have been waiting for for a looooong time. LOL

After all of the games, I went to go sit down at the table and Randy wasn’t there. They mentioned he went to the washroom and he was gone for a while. When Ricky went to go check on him he was just sitting on the toilet in the stall saying that he just needed some alone time. LOLOLOLOLOL

Mission Accomplished, everybody. The giant was drunk. And he puked three times. Face in hands. Defeated.

Ricky taking every opportunity he could to document the moment.

Again, Ricky mocking Randy. I don’t blame him because when Ricky was drunk, we made fun of him quite a bit too hahaha

And the final picture of the night. The bouquet toss. Let’s just say that Diana didn’t catch it. SUCKAS (jk lol)

That’s it for the wedding coverage! We’ll be back to our regular car content going forward. Congratulations, Richard & Wenlei!

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