Richard & Wenlei’s Wedding – Part III

Let’s continue with this wedding coverage. Part III starts now…

There were two girls playing the wedding music over in the corner of the ceremony area and they must have been maybe 12-15 years old but they were great. A nice change over CD music lol

Richard anxiously waiting for Wenlei to show up. Just watching him made me anxious and probably the whole room too. That has to be one of the hardest things to wait for, even if it only takes a few minutes.

Erica and Kayla walking down and bringing the rings.

Erica passing the ring off to Stephanie.

I think she’s coming…

Yup. Wenlei and her Dad bringing her down the aisle for the first time in her wedding dress.

Wedding vows – no matter how funny or non-serious they are, always make my tear factories jerk a little bit. I’m an emotional guy. Almost couldn’t see through the viewfinder…

Just kidding…

I thought this was a great picture. They were signing off for their marriage or some legal jibber jabber. The look they’re giving each other is priceless. It’s like they’re saying “Great. Now I’m stuck with you”… hahahahaha jokes

This was the only picture I ever got of the whole wedding where they were actually looking at MY camera for MY picture. Thank god it turned out too or else I would’ve been pissed. All I’m sayin’ is that when you go to a wedding, you’ll get 5 seconds of their undivided attention before they move onto the next person. Use those 5 seconds wisely or else when you ask them again, they’ll probably cut you off at 2 seconds and you really won’t get a good picture.

A toast.

Got a great picture of my family with the two of them.

All of the gentlemen with Wenlei. Also note: Raymond demonstrates that gravity does not just seem to increase around girls. It seems to happen around guys to a certain degree as well.

See here for my reference:

The photographers wanted to go outside to take some family pictures. It was pretty cold as you can see here, depicted by the females in little clothing.

No, this is not their baby. Asian + Asian does not equal Caucasian baby. A couple that had walked out of the restaurant beside Q Haute was watching us take pictures and the Dad ran over and handed Richard the baby telling him it’s theirs now. Pretty funny and nice of him to do that. A good photo op for sure.

Here, we see 3 people. Two of which cannot take pictures. Hint: I am not one of them.


Walking back upstairs. Decided to get some funny shots. Duck faces all around in the back there.

I thought this was hilarious. Ricky had a speech to make that night and he was going on all day about how he was nervous and how he wasn’t going to cry because it wasn’t a “crying” speech. He even sent himself an email with a subject of “Speech – good luck” for himself HAHAHA

One of the cool drinks they served at the restaurant. I wasn’t a fan but it’s cool!

Ricky giving his speech. If you look carefully you can see tears coming from Richard. Not to call him out or anything because I think I had some too.

I know Ricky is going to hate me for this but I got a shot of him doing what he said he wasn’t going to do. At the moment this picture was taken – I was actually $10 richer.

Earlier, I made a bet with Ricky that no matter how much he denies that he was going to cry – he would cry. When you make a personal speech that talks about memories at an event like this – you’re going to cry. It’s the nature of the beast. You can’t deny nature, Ricky. By his second paragraph – Ricky’s middle name was “Waterwerks”. Good job.

Randy was up next and while he didn’t choke as much as Ricky did – it sounded like he got a throat tickle or something 🙂

It looked like Ricky warmed Richard up because by now, he was using his napkin to stop the flow.

A toast after Randy’s speech. Another one in the bag – nice speech!

Leslie was up next and truthfully – I was expecting to get a whole bunch of emotion from hers so I sat this one down. Surprisingly, she did a good job with her speech with no crying. I think crying was the topic of the night for our table – choosing who was going to and who wasn’t.

And finally – the last speech of the night by Wenlei’s Dad. While I didn’t understand a single word of Mandarin that exited his mouth, the translation done by their cousin made it sound like it was a gooder.

OK PART III DONE. One more to go!

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