Richard & Wenlei’s Wedding – Part II

Let’s continue part II with this wedding…

After all the fun and games in the morning, Randy, Diana and I made our way to the restaurant – Q Haute, to setup some things and make sure everything looked good and was ready for the people to come.

The setting of the tables. The florist was there before us and set up the center pieces, table numbers and all the other little things you see here. It was a nice atmosphere.

My place. Just a side thought – I don’t get why I need 3 forks when I can just use one for all my meals. Everytime the fork comes OUT of my mouth, it’s clean anyway. If there were 85 people and 3 forks per person, that means there were 255 forks out. If everyone had just used one fork, there would have been 140 less forks to clean. I don’t know about you guys, but it seems like fancy restaurants and rich people only like to use things once. /Rant

The center pieces to the tables. Bird cages with flowers inside… once again, a nice touch for the atmosphere.

Diana doing work. It’s rare. But it happens. LOL

Our coordinator for the afternoon. Kudos to you for knowing everything in the midst of all the hustle and bustle.

The “check in” table with little details.

I just want to say that I’m pretty picky with details. With everything. I’m a stickler and kind of a wannabe criticizer and I find that little details like these are almost always the most overlooked aspect of a wedding. They are the things that people will look at and use to remember the wedding. I’m no wedding expert, but I liked the little things around the restaurant.

One of the photos placed around the restaurant. I’d like to note that I really enjoyed their engagement photos. Personally, I’ve rarely seen engagement photos that make me feel the way they felt at the time. Not only is it difficult to find a great photographer, but it’s difficult to find a great photographer to capture the moment and display it well.

Again, a nice little detail.

The menus for the night.

Their cake maker putting the finishing touches on their cake.

I didn’t notice this till a little later, but it’s a nice caricature of Richard and Wenlei drawn on the big chalk board along the stairs. Even added the Rolls Royce symbol lol.

The great waiters and waitresses that we had that night getting a briefing of how the night was going to go. Rare to get a team of awesome people serving you.

Another shot of the cake and a little touch of humor.

After we finished setting up, we played the waiting game. Randy was on his tablet studying. Again – kudos to you, Randy for being able to take the time out and study with all this happening. I was too anxious and all I did was place stuff on the tables LOL. At least he studied a bit… wait till you see what happened to him later on in the night haha

Diana rocking the Loubs. My favourite shoe – it’s like lingerie for the foot and I hate feet. Unless they’re in these.

My beautiful.

A peak at how the guests would sign in. There were a bunch of leaves and hearts and each person would sign their name and it would be placed around the tree. Neat idea.

Part III to come soon. The wedding starts soon…

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