Beyond Super Meat – The Main Course


First of all – I want to apologize to anyone who happens to read this blog that doesn’t see their car. I took pictures of almost every car when I did my one round and unless someone or a group of people were standing there, I got it. Another reason is that my lens is dumb sometimes and it doesn’t always focus properly so it looks good on my LCD but on the computer it’s shitty. I hate posting shitty pictures so that’s the other reason.

Anyways, it was a great turnout last night. It’s nice to see the quality of the cars getting better and better every year. It’s no So-Cal, but it’s definitely better than what it used to be a couple years ago… to me, anyway.

Good to see a lot of faces, lots of new cars I’ve rarely seen and as always, it’s entertaining to see the stuff that doesn’t flow at all. Lots of pics…

Aldo’s Merc. Nice and clean. I’m a fan of the non-smoked headlights and tail lights for this season.

Kanji’s Integra.

Super clean R32 on TE37SL’s.

FRS. It’s nice to see them getting changed so quick. I think the first modification on these cars should be wheels and coils. The body is pretty aggressive on it’s own that it really only needs complimentary mods.

Fit + roof rack. Nice.

Bill’s Focus. Looking clean as always. Bringing the domestic flavour around wherever he goes haha


Ricky’s GTI with his new dialed in fitment in the rear. His fender no longer sits inbetween the lip and tire – which was bad ass. But this is an even better look IMO. His car looks so sick.

The black series.

Matte red! simple and clean.

Shane’s Integra on RG’s

The BMW shoe. Still sick.

Justin’s TSX. A dumped white car always looks so good. Justin’s and Ricky’s are perfect examples.

Simple STI.

I’m beginning to become a fan of the new line of Domestics coming out. The Camaro, Mustang, Shelby’s, etc… when you put some crazy wheels and lower them, they look mean as #&$@.

Clean ITR

A mint MR2

One of my favourites of the night – Audi RS4 on ADV1’s

Another clean gem. 300zx on bronze Varrstoens.

Sasa’s “old” TSX. Just sold to another individual.


Ryan’s 1M.

Rhys’s 911.

Ryan’s racecar EP3

Derrick’s Integra

Corey’s Civic. I miss dem wheels…

Andy’s dumped Skyline.

Darren’s Mugen DC5. Grids up front, Gram lights in the back. I dig.

EVO X on an interesting color of gram lights I’ve never seen before.

Another one of my favourits… 350Z on candy blue Varrstoens

Mario’s newly acquired TSX dumped on Green CE’s

Errol’s Amuse S2000 in the flesh.

Fiat 500 Abarth.

Gangster D’s Spoon S2000

Still probably my favourite of all the cars – mainly cause he got the fitment on those S1R’s so perfect. I hate the S1R’s – but I love them on this.

Jackie showing up late in his NSX

Same with Steve

Paul’s EK

I’ve always been a fan of the GS’s. Dump it and put nice wheels on it and boom.

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