Beyond Super Meat – Appetizer

The annual beyond super meat was this evening and like always, it’s always near the end of the season as kind of a final “bye” to summer. Ricky and I met up and quickly washed my car and made our way down.

There are a ton of pictures so this is kind of an appetizer post… I’ll post the rest tomorrow. Stay tuned!

On the way to the meet. Ricky’s car – he just got the rears cambered in. When it’s dumped it looks crazy! I always love to get a rolling shot whenever I drive around now haha

Lame traffic.

Al on his new Rotiforms.

That’s it for the single shots until tomorrow…

A shot of a quarter of the turnout…

And now it gets dark so early. 8:18PM and it’s already pitch black…

Ricky’s GTI at night.

A sick roller. I rarely get the chance to do rolling shots when it’s pitch black out. This one turned out sick!

Stay tuned tomorrow! I’ll post the rest of the pics I got.

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