Devon’s EG Edits

Decided to play around with a shot from yesterday of Devon’s EG.

This particular location was kind of a love/hate for me. Visually, it was a great spot and it was a nice quiet place to hang out. From a picture perspective, it was super tough to work with for me personally. The only way a shot could really work is straight on with the city skyline. Like below.

It didn’t help that we’re on top of a hill where we are getting a bunch of sun. With the fall colors, his green car and the sun – the white balance goes all wonky and turns everything yellow. I never bother to adjust my white balance when shooting because it’s way easier to adjust on the computer. Everything else is easy to work with after that. I’m not 100% sure how much I like the tone of the final result. Maybe cause I’ve looked at it too long – but it looks like it’s got too much of a green tone now that I look at it. Or is it just me?

Before. Untouched. Yellow, green, and orange all over the place.

After. I took quite a bit of the yellow and orange out because it just ruined the picture. You couldn’t really see the nice hue of the green and it just kind of all blended. I think the reason it looks so green is because the glass on the buildings in the back are green too. Still better than before though =P

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