iPhone 5 – The Wait (A Documentary)

Well as everyone knows – the iPhone 5 launched yesterday and a week ago I told you guys that Rich and I were going to be camping it out just like we did when the 4 launched. It’s become sort of a ritual for us. Rich is a true apple fanboy, and I’m the guy that wants everything new right away, so we always agree to line up and get the phones first.

Thursday night was an interesting day – We had planned on lining up at around 10PM. When the iPhone 4 launched, we lined up around 11:30PM and were 30th in line. With all the talk of lines forming even earlier in places like Toronto and New York, I was super anxious and suggested we go earlier. We showed up at 8PM and there wasn’t anyone there – there was a dude standing around but that was it. We walked around the mall, grabbed some snacks and sat in the parking lot to see if the line would form where we thought it would. 8:30 rolls around and when I go to take a look, there was about 5 people in line now. I personally thought it would have been sweet to say we were first, but whatever! We went to go sit in the line and chill there for the night. We ended up being 6th and 7th in line which was pretty damn good compared to two years ago.

We sat for a bit, left our things in the car and that’s when the waiting game began. The night was nice, not chilly – it was perfect enough to just wear a sweater and sit on the ground. We knew it was going to get colder, but I was hoping it was going to stay that way…

And here goes the adventure. Most people will post a pic of their phone – I’ll post a pic of getting the phone, since I think this is a bit more interesting. I apologize in advance for all the weird sizes – I’m not sure what happened. I didn’t take my SLR because I thought it’d be cool to document this with my iPhone. Let’s see…

8:30PM – when we got our spots. A talkative Romanian fellow was behind us pretty quick. Not too cold, not too hot. We began the 12 hour countdown.

This was the energy drink that I picked up at the Quarry Park show & shine a few weeks back. I decided to save it until today. Those of you that know me well know that I can’t handle caffeine all too well. This was a bad idea but at the time, it sounded like the only way to get myself through 12 hours.

Rich doing work for illmotion. Even as we wait outside, he’s on the job. It was nice cause we got a spot right outside the Starbucks so we had tables and chairs.

Just passed 10PM and it felt like an eternity already…

Playing with the fisheye for a bit.

Thank god for Rich’s laptop because I was able to plug in. My phone wouldn’t have lasted at all. I think by 10PM it was down to 80%. That was partially my fault cause I was instagramming and shit haha

I think this was at about 11 or 12PM. It got a little nipply – we busted out our winter jackets and hoped to stay warm.

Rich trying to get comfy in the two cold, metal Starbucks chairs. Not sure if you can imagine – but just by looking at him, I feel cold. haha

Almost midnight – at this point I’m pretty sure it all went downhill.

Rich trying to stay comfy and fall asleep.

During the night – this huge ass thing was crawling around us. I don’t think I’ve seen anything like it, it looked like it pulled itself with its two huge pincers at the front. Nasty.

Bored. Self shot of how cold it was.

The line up behind us. Not too crazy yet, people aren’t as crazy as some of us.

It was about 1:30AM and I was hungry as heck. I asked Rich if he was hungry at all and he said he was good. I have no idea how because I was starving. In fact – he didn’t eat the whole 12 hours. Instead, I took a trip to McDonald’s nearby and warmed up a bit with a quarter pounder and fries and a washroom break. I felt so guilty eating this since I haven’t had it in a long ass time, but I was so hungry – probably from all the shivering haha

I got back and Rich fell asleep in my chair with my blanket. I tried to get comfy in the metal chairs but it wasn’t happening. I think within 5 minutes I was done.

So I went to the back of my car to sleep. I could lay down, there was no cold air, and I was sure I could fall asleep. Did I? NOPE. Damn that energy drink – I had insomnia – the worst time to have it when your body is tired but your mind is ready to fuck shit up all day. For the first hour there were fobs outside – it sounded like two guys and a girl and it basically sounded like a Hentai porn video. She did that nasty crying sound and the guys laughed the whole time. So gross. I think I dozed off for 15 minutes before I heard other guys yelling out shit like how Android is best. There’s always those lame-o’s that like to waste their time hating on people wasting their time. Don’t be that guy.

5AM – they finally let us in. We are leaning up against the glass to the store laughing at everybody that wasn’t.

I took a quick trip to the washroom and took a picture of the back of the line. I think it was about 150 deep.

Looking inside – this guy is taunting us.

A few shots of the people around us.

The front of the line.

At this point, my energy drink probably wore off. I was in the crashing stages. I was telling Rich that at this moment in time, I don’t give a shit about the iPhone and I just wanted to die.

Well they finally came around and handed out the tickets to grab the phone. Almost there…

The Apple crew getting ready to do their thing. They hype shit up every launch.

Finally the last picture. I got to the back to meet Ivan – my good ol’ ex-apple-employee that I was glad to see. I kindly asked for him to pass me over to someone who wasn’t a Dud. A Dud is someone that doesn’t know what they’re doing, but sounds like they do. Being the good ol’ bud that Ivan is, he passed me over to Doug – another good ol’ ex-apple-employee bud. Doug is back of house which means he doesn’t actually do the activations but I’m glad he sat down for a bit to help me out. Doug is not a Dud. Despite the issues that the carriers have *cough* Rogers – we got it through and I was outta there within 40 minutes. Huge thanks to you Doug for doing that for me!

I’m not going to post any pictures of the iPhone. You can google it, I got a black one. Now that it’s over, I find that it went by so quick. At the time, it was torture. Good times! Now we wait for the iPhone6.

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