Sneak-a-peak: TJ’s Volkswagen R32

Another great shoot last night and a nice sneak-a-peak for you guys.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve had the itch to want to shoot a car during the evening when the sun is setting for some reason. I’ve just always been lazy and never really had any new car I could think of to shoot. Yesterday worked out perfectly – it was supposed to be my chill day and I was sitting there kind of bored. Around 5PM, Ricky messages me and asks me if I want to shoot an R32. He mentioned it a few months ago and I totally forgot about it. Turns out he wanted to get a shoot today. Perfect! It was a beautiful evening and it was exactly what I was wanting to do.

When Ricky had told me about it and showed me pics a few months ago, TJ actually had a black R32 on the same wheels (it’s a secret) and that’s what I was expecting. Turns out he got rid of it and got a blue one instead. A nice surprise because it seems like the only color cars I shoot lately have been in the realm of the white/black/grey/silver. This might sound dumb but it is actually super refreshing to shoot a color – deep blue pearl? Someone correct me if I’m wrong. Anyways, the blue and the yellow/green fall colors worked perfectly together.

A nice Wednesday evening spent shooting a nice R32. You’ll see this on illmotion soon, too.

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