Ryan’s 1M – Favourites

Ryan’s feature on illmotion is finally up!

It’s probably just as easy to check the site for pics, but I’ll post some of my faovurite shots from that day. At first I was kind of scared to shoot a black on black car in the sun with all the glare. It’s just as bad as a white on white car *cough*mine*cough* because that is equally a pain in the butt. Thankfully the day turned out to be overcast when we started and as the day went out, we got a lot of cloud cover with peaks of sun here and there which was perfect. When I shoot black cars, I like to shoot it mid-day with overcast – it gives nice even light with no hot spots anywhere.

Ryan’s car does a good job of standing out and looks super aggressive with the RS’s. See the link to his feature and write up by JC. He killed this one.

iM Highlight: Ryan Dandurand’s BMW 1M

I loved this rolling shot.

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