Apple Fanboy – 1 Week Countdown

It’s that time of year again – when Apple works their magic with their marketing and British people explaining how it’s the best iPhone they’ve ever made.
There are two options when it comes to getting new Apple products like the iPhone – preorder and wait a few days or line up at midnight-ish and get it right away.

Downside to option 1: you have to sit around and watch all the Apple fanboys play with theirs for a week until you get yours.
Downside to option 2: you have to sit around with all the Apple fanboys.

Similar to the iPhone4 release – Rich and I are once again, going to camp out at midnight outside of Market Mall and go with option 2. I’m sure we would both rather have to sit around with the fanboys (ourselves included) than watch them for a week. The funny thing about it all is that it really isn’t all that great or different – the design is essentially the same except now you have a piece of metal on the back, it’s taller, the glass that covers the camera lens is now the same sapphire crystal they use in watches, it’s got a nicer screen and that’s about it. I understand when people say “it’s not even that great”… But it actually is because Apple says it is.

The thing that Apple does best is they can create and market their technology so well that it eventually just makes you want to have it. You “need” their products because they say so. But at the same time, their products work exceptionally well and is very well thought out – people don’t like their products for no reason.

Anyways – despite my somewhat negative comments about the iPhone5 – I still want it and it’s still a cool ass phone. The great thing about Apple is that their products become out of date so quick that you do actually “need” it to keep up with their updates. My iPhone4 really isn’t that old, but it’s really running like it…
1 week until that midnight line up. I’m pumped.

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