TSX Shootout (The Crème De La Crème)

Following up from a post a few days ago…

TSX Shootout

Barb and Justin’s double TSX feature is up on illmotion now. Kind of a different shoot than what I’m used to doing all the time. First of all, it’s two cars. One car on its own is difficult enough to place and shoot with some of the locations. Two cars makes it a little more challenging because if one or the other is placed wrong, then the whole picture will suck but when you get it right, it’s right. Second of all, they’re essentially the exact same cars – which isn’t a complaint at all. I think it’s pretty sick. The last time I remember shooting two cars was way back last year when I shot an STI Hatch and Evo X. Conclusion – in the end, it’s difficult shooting two cars at once, but if you get it, it’s wicked. Thanks to Barb and Justin for being super cooperative and easy-going with my picky-ness and direction.

See their feature here:

iM Highlight: Twin TSX’s

Anyways – here are a few of my favourite snaps from the shoot. The rolling shots turned out to be great despite the super bright sun and… once again, the lack of any overcast. The sun is my enemy and every time we do a shoot, it’s always bright as hell. Except during Ryan Dandurand’s 1M shoot… stay tuned for that one!

My favourite rolling shot with the new c-train overpass in the background.

The light and shadows work well here with Justin’s car. Black wheels on a white car is also my worst nightmare.

Simple yet neck breaking.

See why black wheels are my worst enemy?

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