Sneak-a-peak: JC’s Corolla

Looks like it’s sneak-a-peek day. I’ve kind of got a lazy day going on at work so there isn’t much to do besides flip between a few websites. After a while of flipping back to my own, I got tired of seeing the same post so here’s another.

This one in particular is a favourite of mine. You always get a good feeling when not only the shot turns out, but everything including the background blends well with the subject. When we were doing these shots, I saw this backdrop of buildings coming up and I was hoping to get a nice one and luckily I did. It could do without the cars and people in the background, but I guess it adds a flavour of “hustle and bustle”.

I think the reason this shot works so well is because JC’s Corolla has a sense of subtlety and finesse to it. I know – kind of a weird way to describe a car, but it’s the best way to do so. The buildings in the back look almost London-esque and it just suits his car more than any other car I can think of right now. When you look at it, doesn’t it make you want to turn on some Jay-Z and put on sunglasses or something? Weird. I sound like I just described a Rolex watch and was trying to sell it to a bunch of rich, snobby, old people.

Anyways – JC’s Corolla will be up on illmotion soon too. Look for it there!

One thought on “Sneak-a-peak: JC’s Corolla

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