Quarry Park Show & Shine 2012

Yesterday was the annual Quarry Park Show & Shine with proceeds going to MADD Canada. It’s definitely a good cause and it’s a good time to come chill and meet some ballers.

There are always tons of nice cars that come out and the owner of Cardel Homes has his own little parking garage underground that stores all his cars – I know he owns the Carrera GT that’s always around but I’m not sure what else he has. I showed up at 10AM – just on time and it was pretty chilly and overcast in the morning but towards the afternoon it started getting super hot. Anyways – not much to say – the pictures say all the words.

The site.

We were allowed to go inside, and I’m not sure if we were allowed all the other years but this place was nice as heck. It even smelled like new home haha

There was also a theater that was open for viewing little videos of cars and stuff. So baller… it didn’t even look like it’s been used so I decided to break it in by putting my feet up haha

A few of my favourite cars of the show…

The Aventador was probably the sickest there, mainly because of the exclusivity of it. The owner was super chill too. There was a kid looking at it and he offered to let him sit in it! There’s nothing more refreshing than seeing a modest, down-to-earth rich guy.

Porsche GT3 – he kind of just did a round and left I think. Still sick nonetheless.

Group shot of white supremacy. #NoRacist

My favourite car on our side.  S14 on Meister S1R’s. DAYUM

Got a chance to check out Punit’s S2000 cluster too. Looks super sick.

Later on in the day Punit decided that he wanted to buy some raffle tickets so he ended up splurging on 35 tickets and got JC and I to fill out every single one. LOL worth it? Well, Punit won something. You’ll see at the end…

Errol’s freshly finished Amuse S2000. Really sick.

And to finish off this lovely post – Punit’s prize. The funniest thing about it isn’t that he just won microfiber cloths and a gift certificate for a car wash, but that he won with the ticket he got for free by registering hahahahahaha

But as Punit mentioned, it’s all good because proceeds go to a good cause… but it’s still funny! haha

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