Random Behind the Scenes

Just because I have time and the extra shots to do so – I decided I’d make a small behind the scenes post. Most of the time, a lot of my pics are behind the scenes anyway but I don’t care! haha
Anyways, I went through some of the pics from the long weekend and found some pics that I didn’t edit or didn’t have any relevance at the time. I need to get into the habit of taking more random pictures because frankly, I think they make for good filler posts and eye candy for you guys. As random as they are, they’re still cool to look at.

I was sitting at work today when I looked at the date and realized that I technically only have about a month left to drive the car until my insurance ends for the year. I usually insure it for 6 months, which is typically enough for Calgary seasons. The only thing that sucks is that I get impatient early on in the year and I end up insuring it earlier than I should, as a result I have to put it away earlier than I would like to haha. Last year I parked it at the end of September and the weather was nice until the middle of November. This year is just deja vu of that…

The worst feeling is knowing that winter is coming: -30C weather, snow, traffic, shitty drivers, and shivering in the car for a majority of your commute. I know a lot of people love it for snowboarding and stuff and I can totally respect that because I’m down for that too. I just hate everything else about winter haha. If I think really hard about it, the only good thing that can come from winter is that I save tons of money on gas by driving the Civic because I really only have to fill it up every three weeks and it costs $40 compared to the STI that takes $65 every week.

Anyways, not too much going on right now. For now, you can probably expect a lot of random posts here and there.

Corey and I parked under that walkway I posted about. Corey if you ever read this, can I please buy my wheels back? Please.

Some random shot I took. Weird because it wasn’t really an accident and I know I took it for a reason. I even thought to myself “I’m going to take this picture and post it”. I’ve been looking at it and I don’t know what the hell I would or could even write about it except that somehow my arm is in there and there’s nothing significantly special about this picture at all. What a dumbass haha

Chillin. JC mean mugging the po po probably.

Outside of Five Guys.

Justin’s CE’s

Barb’s CE’s

And a shot I took while shooting Ryan’s 1M. Oh the foreplay…


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