No Rest For The Wicked

Yesterday afternoon was another busy photoshoot day. We thought it’d be a great to shoot because of labour day Monday. Turns out it was “kind of” the opposite. A lot of the roads were busy, construction was happening all over the place and we came to the conclusion that it probably wasn’t a day off for everyone lol. I always like to start early because I hate waiting around all morning and I hate shooting when it gets a little more busy in the evenings. JC and I went out and met at the usual spot and saw that two homeless people were sleeping there. We just chillaxed with them while waiting for the rain to let up. It wasn’t a lot, but it was enough to make the brake dust on my wheels make my whole car look shitty.

We were set out to shoot Ryan Dandurand’s BMW 1M and JC’s Corolla right after. It’s been a while since I’ve seen Ryan’s 1M – since Driven – so I was excited to see it. As expected, it’s put together nicely like his MR2 and it was great to shoot it. I don’t want to spoil anything so I won’t say much about it except that it’s actually super gangster in person. The flares on the 1M paired with his wheel choice and fitment is spot on… Another feature to come on illmotion!

After Ryan’s shoot, Corey came and helped out with JC’s shoot. We drove around and found out that we could chill on the Stampede grounds for free and it was super quiet with nobody around to kick us out or tell us we’re loitering haha.

Corey and I. I want my old wheels back so bad! LOL

Corey doing some shooting. A little different than the video clips he’s been doing most of the time for us.

Under the walkway to the saddledome. I loved this spot.

A preview of a JC’s Corolla shoot.

Parked outside one of the nicer hotels in the downtown area with black tile. Ryan’s 1M would’ve looked sweet in there. Unfortunately we got denied and we couldn’t come in…

I decided to try something new for rolling shots so I asked JC if we could put his seats down, open the trunk, and let me lay down so I could get some shots head on. There are a few downsides to this idea – there is a possibility the trunk would fall back down and chop my neck off or knock me unconscious for god knows how long. It is stunting and we could get a ticket. We can’t go very fast or else bad shit could happen. Luckily Aubrey was around and agreed to help us out. She joined me in the trunk holding up the trunk while JC drove around and Ryan followed close behind. She looks unhappy in this picture but she actually isn’t – it’s cause the sun was shining down on us in the trunk and it was bright. I swear. hahaha turned out good!

And a shot that came from the method above. That’s all I can show for now 🙂

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