TSX Shootout

Yesterday afternoon we were scheduled to shoot Barb and Justin’s TSX’s. Both slammed on Volk CE28n’s. Super simple and clean and a nice match up.

I’ve been shooting a bunch of cars lately and you sort of just go through the movements after a while and it’s hard to get creative after a while. Sometimes you need some crazy car for inspiration or some new locations, anything to change it up. It helps a lot when you shoot a car you’re not hanging out with every week. No offense to the guys – but something new is refreshing!

Anyways peep the hangout pics.

JC and I chillin in our usual spot for a few hours while waiting for people to show up.

I just discovered Songza on the iphone and I’m hooked, so we were listening to that while we were waiting. “Chillin in the sun” playlist was legit.

Finally everyone showed up – Steve was on the other side haha

Parked in some roundabout – grabbed some village ice cream and relaxed a bit.

Barb and Justin’s TSX’s

We all decided that it was kind of a long day so we made our way to Five Guys and had lunch.

Look at the voltex shadow. $5 says you can see it from space.

And a preview shot of the shoot. This will be up on the site soon too!

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