FRS Fever…

Funny story this afternoon – go onto Facebook and I saw that Richard updated his cover photo to the FRS. Right away I ask if he got it and he confirms. I felt that same excitement that I get when I get new toys – it’s funny that you share the same feeling when a friend goes through the same thing. I asked if I could come see it and he agreed to meet up with me tonight. I drove over and I was hoping to get there before it got too dark to get some decent pictures but with winter coming close – it gets darker, earlier unfortunately. I managed to snap some decent ones though.

There was 73km on it when he let me drive it and I didn’t want to get out. It’s still in the break-in period so I didn’t get to really see what it could do, but once Richard breaks it in himself, I requested another go. For what it’s worth – it’s an awesome car. Peppy, agile, smooth. There’s definitely some taste of Subaru on the inside that was familiar to me after getting out of my own car. Then there are subtle differences that resemble Toyota – the key for example.

Thanks again to Richard for letting me drive it around! I’m looking forward to the next round!

Brother from the same mother that cheated.

Super nice interior and the seats are incredibly comfortable. Way better than Civic SI seats and the stock STI seats.

Clean dash and cockpit. Some Subaru flavor and some Toyota flavor all over the place. Kind of weird but cool!

One final shot I got before I left. I’ve concluded I need this in my life. Nobody will let me have it though. 😦

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