Voltex TLC

For a few weeks now, I’ve noticed that my wing has been kind of hazy and not as shiny as it used to be and I always thought it was just because I hadn’t washed it or wiped it properly and I ended up leaving it. I had some free time today and decided to wipe it down with some QD – turns out it’s not dirt or anything, it’s hard water spots that have etched itself into the clearcoat and hazed it up. It’s a pain because the surface is super rough and not smooth like it should be, you can’t just rub it away either because your arm would probably fall off before it did anything.

Luckily I have my PC polisher and some leftover Optimum polish I was able to use. The polish is used to remove 1500-2000 grit swirls on paint, but I’ve found that it’s good enough to remove tons of things like haze on the headlights as long as it’s not too bad, a majority of light swirls and marring on paint and of course, getting carbon fiber back to the nice shine it used to have back on day 1.

Lesson of the day – a lot of people say that their clear coat on their carbon stuff is wrecked and most of the time it’s just a lack of care, despite what they may argue. I’m guilty of that because I usually just washed and dried. With proper polishing and waxing, the clear coat on the carbon should – provided it’s not some shitty product – last a loooooong time.

Some before pictures. Here’s the edge of the wing. It’s hazing and you can see that weird stuff.

The rest of the wing. It looks pretty bad in person and it’s all over the wing. It doesn’t even come off if you rub your finger across either.

The upper deck of the wing.

Another closer shot of the hazing and etching. It probably doesn’t help that the wing also takes quite a beating even for daily driving from just being in the flow of the air and rain.

After polishing with Optimum polish, I finished off with P21s and left it on there for about 20 minutes. This jar has lasted me a good 4 years and it’s just on it’s last stretch. A great wax for sure.

After the polish and wax. No more hazing or etching. The weave looks perfect.

The rest of the deck. I like this picture because you can’t really tell where the point of focus is. It’s right in the center, but it’s tough to see since a white wall is reflecting off of it and there’s really nothing that’s preventing the reflection since it’s back to normal.

That edge again. All good.

Again – another shot of the deck. All done! Take care of your carbon pieces people.

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