Maintenance parts = No Like

A follow up from last week after my intercooler hose got all busted and we had to do a temporary/ghetto fix. I ordered a new hose from and a new t-bolt clamp instead of re-using that old clamp that basically ate away at the old hose. Delightful to see that it had showed up at my house 1 week later. According to the tracking, it wasn’t even passed customs yet – so yay for semi-fast shipping!

Opened it up and it wasn’t exciting or anything. It was a hose and a clamp. Is it just me or is it hard to find any sort of excitement when you have to buy things for your car because the old one broke? Maintenance items are such a bummer because you probably could’ve spent that money on something else. Although, it was only $15 – I’m sure I could have bought a keychain that I could be more enthusiastic about.

See how non-exciting that is?

It is indeed a lot nicer quality than the stock hose though, I’ll admit. Solid. The color is a bit off though, but whatever – I don’t think anyone will ever notice.

The old hose. You can see where the old clamp started eating away at it slowly and cutting it down. Eventually the clamp couldn’t grip it anymore and it just slid off. Result = no boost.

Chunks of the hose stuck on the clamp. Shitty because I was looking at the forums and stuff and there were a bunch of other people that had the same issue. Kinda weird because I don’t really even drive the shit out of my car or anything, I’ll hit boost and redline here and there, but not everytime I drive it. I don’t believe in the “drive it like you stole it” phrase haha

Finally in. It looks like it could use some trimming, but I decided to leave it a bit and see how it goes after a few days of driving. If it starts to slip, I’ll trim it down and get it to fit. But I wanted to leave some room for some play – the older one is cut at an angle which looked like it was part of the problem.

We’ll see how it goes!

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