#YYC Japanese Festival

Yesterday afternoon was a perfect day to do some chillin’. JC, Rich and I decided to take a trip down to Bridgeland to check out the Japanese Festival going on. JC’s dad and his friends were invited to display their cars there too to kind of display the classics that are far and few between lately. Can’t complain cause it was a super hot day, it’s unfortunate that I decided to wear jeans yesterday cause I swear to god, it’s the worst thing to wear in +25C weather outside in large groups of people.

On a side note, my Sigma 10-20 lens is really starting to irritate me. I think that’s partially my fault though because I was careless at the beginning of summer and had it in my bag and kind of just dropped it. Of course, it wasn’t my intention to wreck anything, but I think it messed up the lens somewhat because sometimes I’ll end up with a picture that doesn’t focus properly… at all. You’ll see what I mean as you scroll down…

First pic where the 10-20 messed up. It’s not actually focused – I’m just lucky I had the aperture stopped down enough to capture SOME detail. We ended up parking in some neighborhood area that said we weren’t allowed to enter. Entered anyway haha

The festival setup. It wasn’t huge or anything, just a little small get together it seemed – it was pretty cool. On the left, Country Hills Toyota came and brought a bunch of their cars – you can see their Hello Kitty Scion in pink.

The other pic that really pissed me off. I was bummed cause I only took one pic of JC’s dads car and it turned out shitty.

Classic. We were all discussing after looking at it for a while how you can see where the S2000 got its lines.

The Japanese drum we all wanted to play with haha

The peeps soaking up the sun. So hot…

A bunch of Japanese goods were on sale. The masks were pretty cool.. hahaha

Lots of games for the kids too. And a bunch of them were dressed up in their kimonos too haha

The line up for food that they eventually ran out of too early into the event.

This was the coolest display there. A bunch of handcrafted knives for sale ranging from $50 all the way up to $200. They looked pretty bad ass too with their engravings and little details.

I was given the chance to try the $50 knife and it was so smooth. Then she handed me the $150 knife and it’s hard to believe it could be even better. The two pieces of ginger in the middle were cut by yours truly. It’s amazing that it cut the ginger like butter and ginger isn’t easy to cut with a shitty knife.

And I’m gonna end it off with a bunch of senior Japanese people doing a dance around the center area. I stopped taking pictures cause that was pretty much it and it was hot as hell. We ended up taking a trip up to Main Dish just behind the area and chilled the rest of the day. I’d say that was a Saturday afternoon well spent.

One thought on “#YYC Japanese Festival

  1. Yeah, those knives are the shit. I have three of them from Knifewear (in Inglewood). They take a lot more care in handling them than Ikea Knives but they’re really worth it if you like spending time in the Kitchen. After a couple weeks on vacation without them, they were actually what I missed most.

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