Photoshoots and No Boost

Today was another lazy Sunday funday. We were out and about shooting Urban Expressions freshly finished BMW M3 for illmotion. It was a surprisingly super quiet day downtown today and we usually shoot on Sundays and it’s busy as hell. There were barely any cars out, not that much traffic and it had to be the smoothest shoot we’ve ever done. Locations were nice and nobody bothering us. I was afraid that it was going to be too sunny to shoot and that’s my biggest pet peeve. I hate when it’s so sunny that everything just glares into the camera. The overcast was perfect and it didn’t rain like it was supposed to. I was actually anticipating some rain because I thought it’d be a cool shoot to do, but in the end it was awesome.

Gary and Cort have been working on putting the M3 together for a while now and it did make an appearance at our Sunday School Show & Shine. They were working on it late into the night the day before the show getting everything together and it was well worth it. It was great seeing a car put together with attention to detail – you don’t come across it too often. Re-upholstered interior, proper fender work and some nice wheels to put the cherry on top. I’m going to stop talking about it or else it’ll ruin the feature altogether!

On the flipside, on the way to the photoshoot I was rushing a bit because I was running a bit late. I’m one car behind the red light and in a merge lane that was about to end in about 100m. The light turns green, the car in front of me finally accelerates enough to get in and I’ve got less than 50m to get in myself. I’m in second… “no problem” I think to myself, and as I approach boost – *whine whine whine* and the car lets off and just shudders. FUUU… So I take it easy all the way downtown and meet JC. He suggests that the pressure pipe might be loose. Open the hood and what do you know, the intercooler hose has come loose and the clamp was just hanging loose. Hence the reason I couldn’t get into boost – it was like I was an N/A Impreza. Turns out it was probably from shooting video yesterday. I was shooting flames for some footage and I guess I should’ve taken it easy haha…

I message Rich asking him if he’s free to lend a hand after the shoot and he agrees. After the shoot, we’re on our way and JC pulls from me and at that moment in time, it killed me to know I couldn’t keep up. And at that moment in time, JC’s Corolla beat me. hahaha

On the last turn to Rich’s house, a cop pulls up behind Punit, JC and I and follows us all the way there.  We park and ignore him because we didn’t do shit. He runs all our plates, Rich comes out and thinks we took cops to his place and when they figure out we’re clean, all he did was roll his window down and say “nice cars”. haha BOOM take that. The whole time, I thought Punit got busted for something and they both thought it was because of my wing…

Anyways here’s a short recap of today haha

Nice and quiet downtown. You can see the M3 in the background. That’s all you get for now!

Right after the cop left and everybody is still laughing about what just happened.

Had to pull the intercooler off. The red hose in the middle of the picture is what came off. Upon closer inspection, the hose itself is pretty worn and eaten down on one side so no matter how much we tighten it with a clamp, it just slips right off. I can’t even find Samco hoses or anything to replace it. If anyone knows of anything, let me know! Thank god it was only that and nothing else.

Waiting for the engine to cool down… Once we had it on as best we could, we were on our way. Thanks to Rich for lending a hand!

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