Sunday School Highlights

Just a few shots from Sunday School that were a few of my favourites… There are a whole bunch, but I’d rather hold off on posting them all at once. Here are a few!

Scott’s Honda Fit. I’ve been a fan of this ever since I saw him cruising in Edmonton when we were down there for the season opener. The style is out there and it’s definitely different but I enjoy how it’s put together.

Jeevs’ S13 and his Cars sun shade.

Devon and his matching combo. Looks so good with the perfectly matching paint. Probably the cleanest in the city

Ricky and his bagged and JDM-inspired GTI. Still sick.

My beater.

Corey’s Civic on Meisters. Still sweet.

Autodream’s clean S14 also on Meisters. My favourite wheel ever.

Tommy’s newly acquired rootbeer EG. Also a fan of this look. Nice and clean.

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