Sunday School is Almost Here!!

About 1 week left until our 2nd annual illmotion Sunday School Show & Shine!

In preparation for that day, I picked up two purple tank tops from the Rocket and got them to put the new logo across the boobies in lavender for Diana and Cindy. They’ll be manning the table all day on Sunday for registrations, signing in, giving away prizes and all the good stuff. It’s not actually an easy job… if the day ends up being super hot, they are stuck there for a good 5+ hours on their feet doing work the whole time. Meanwhile, the rest of us are out taking pics, doing video or just getting everything going smooth for the day. We obviously sit down and rest, but last year was pretty indicative that there is no rest time at the registration table. So a big thanks to the both of them for volunteering to help us out for that day.

The tank tops came out pretty good, but they were expensive as heck. $80 for the tanks and print. They aren’t high quality or anything – I guess the Rocket just decided that they could start charging an arm and leg for a simple 5 minute job. A word of advice for anyone looking to do this: just go to Michael’s and purchase the DIY screen kit. You can print it off at home and cut it out and iron it on the same way they do and voila. It’d probably save you a good $20. Mental note for the next time I need this done…

BTW – if you guys that are reading this haven’t registered yet – do it now!!! There’s a lot of talk going around that we only welcome certain cars or that their cars aren’t done up enough. That’s not the point – this isn’t meant to be a show off. It’s just to come out and have a good time. Everybody that registers is put in for some illmotion goodies and draws for prizes from our sponsors!

So go register. Here.
Sunday School Registration

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