Throwin’ on my Louboutins…

Just a few more shots from last Sunday…

I totally forgot to post this. It’s probably my most favourite shot of the whole shoot we did and it really has nothing to do with cars haha. Almond’s wife – Cynthia, has quite the collection of Louboutins, every girl’s dream, it seems. The red sole is damn killer though. There’s something about the red sole that somehow adds an extra 100 points for girls rocking them. They do something normal heels don’t. No, I don’t have a foot fetish, but Louboutin almost makes it seem like it.

Anyways – she brought a few from her collection and Almond had asked me to shoot it together with the car. The result – this picture…

Turned out great. Used the 135mm F2.0L and was able to get super sweet depth of field and some smooth bokeh. Turned out great!

And some more playing with his Fish eye. It’s a super sharp lens surprisingly… and it was +26C out and the sun was hella bright. It almost looks like I had a flash out…

And JC’s ‘rolla

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