Another Hot and Lazy Sunday

Almond recently got his new BBS’s in for his bimmer and 22’s on the G500 and I’ve been wanting to shoot them for a long time now. Last year we shot his bimmer on WORK XSA’s so it was refreshing to see the new shoes!

Ever since we worked at Apple together over a year ago and finding out he had the G wagon, I’ve been telling him to bring it. Instead he always brought Ricky Bobby – his old winter beater haha. It got to the point where I almost didn’t believe him lol! But Almond never fails to please – both cars tastefully done and come to think of it, I have yet to see one that’s done up like his at all. Props to you Almond, for being able to afford to drive that thing and having to fill up after a trip to 7-Eleven.

Anyways, JC and I met him and his wife at East Village this morning and off we went…

Almond also recently got a Tokina Fish eye and he let me borrow it. I love this lens so I kind of abused it the whole shoot but I don’t give a damn. It was crazy haha. While we were waiting for JC to show up on his Filipino time – they wiped down the cars. Speaking of Filipino time, I’m surprised Almond and Cynthia were early LOL

Damn nice BBS’s…

We got to the top of the Banker’s Hall parkade and were setting up as we saw this dude. It’s like +25 C and he’s out there washing windows. Scary as hell

JC’s Corolla

A preview of the two cars together. The feature will be up on illmotion soon!

Sneaked a few shots of our cars on top since it was a nice view.

A quick shot of JC’s Corolla rolling with the fisheye. I think this was the first rolling shot I’ve taken of his car since he put the wheels on. Lookin’ good

Chillin in the backseat getting ready to do rolling shots of the the G wagon…

BUT I’ll stop it there and wait for the feature to go up before I post up anymore shots. Stay tuned!

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