Rig Shots

A few weeks ago when we were all out shooting the Calagui brothers bimmers, we were hanging out near the bow river and JC’s homie, Ryan Venzon came to chill as we were nearing the end of the shoot. This was the first time I met Ryan but JC had mentioned that he had a rig and I’ve been wanting to build one for a LOOONGGG time but never got around to it because frankly, I was just too lazy. I asked if we could try it out quick to see it in action and Ryan agreed.

Attached it to my car and tried it out. He took a few shots and it’s an interesting process in person. I know the mechanics and theory behind it… slow shutter, 3km/h rolls, steady hands and constant shots. Much more difficult than it looks because the shutter is on for way longer than a second and usually any shot taken longer than a second by hand is blurry. Usually. Now add a rolling car, bumpy roads and everything else and you better hope you get a clear shot of the car when you get home and load them onto your computer haha.

Ryan also let me mock my camera up to the rig and try it out but it was hella bright and sunny out that day. It’s hard to tell from the pics – if anything it looks overcast and cloudy but it was hot. I didn’t get a single shot that turned out because I didn’t have any filters to help out. Anyways take a look…

Attaching to the hood.

Adjusting and making sure all is good.

I’m surprised at the result that Ryan was able to get. Nicely done except for the rash on the bottom of my lip lol. Shout out to Ryan for the shot! Peep his facebook link in that pic.

I am used to taking rolling shots at 60km/h+ and outside of another car so I like the car to be further out in the frame rather than cropped tightly. I bet if we hooked up a wide angle, a longer pole and better conditions, you could get pretty creative with the shots.

2 thoughts on “Rig Shots

  1. nice pic with the rig. Quick question…I like your pics and wanted to know what camera youre using? I finally got my STi but not the limited version. I want to take pics of my car but want to learn the angles to take them in and other stuff. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


    • I used to use a Canon 40D, and recently purchased the Canon 7D. No huge difference IMO and kind of a waste of money since I didn’t go FF. I did it only for the video capabilities and I don’t even use that lol!

      The most important thing is the rule of thirds – the way the subject is placed in the frame when taking a picture. I would look up some stuff on shooting for the first time. If you can’t or don’t understand how aperture, shutter speed, ISO, shooting in RAW and editing in Photoshop can help you, an SLR would be a waste of money. I say this from experience because a lot of people that I know think they can get an SLR and have amazing pictures. When they find out that it looks exactly like their point and shoot – they end up giving up. Take the time to learn how to use the camera and it’ll help you a lot.

      The angles that you shoot will come as you begin shooting. You’ll learn what looks good and what doesn’t look good. It takes practice.

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