It’s Thursday. This calls for #throwbackthursday

I was going through some shots from last year and found these of Punit’s Integra. I had just picked up my 135mm f2.0 and was testing it out. His old teal CCW’s looked great on red surprisingly.

Also – as I was editing these, my watermark messed up. I’m missing the camera icon for some reason – I think it’s cause I accidentally moved the folder somewhere and now I’m too lazy to go and find it. Looks like I’ll either make a new one tonight or see if I can get that camera icon back… what a pain.

So shiny.

Since it got the K24 swap – this was the first time it saw the track while Race City was still open.

And I’ll throw my car in there too. My old burple WORK XT7’s and stock everything else. I miss how bright my exhaust tips used to be. Ever since I added the catless downpipe, it’s nothing but dull and black.

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