Parking Lot Chillin

Just a few random shots for a filler post from Sunday. We made a show of our own on the other side haha

This was before Gopesh and Steve showed up so I didn’t get a shot of their whips.

Ass shots of JC and Punit’s car. I still don’t understand why everyone hates on Punit’s rear visor. I think it looks wicked with the Mugen wing and USDM front.

Corey’s Civic. Man, I miss those Meisters… Too bad they don’t make S1’s anymore 😦

Barb’s dumped TSX on CE28’s

JC’s ‘Rolla on his fresh WORK VS-XX’s

Punit’s Integra with the custom rebarreled Regamaster Evo’s by WheelFlip.

And finally – Mr. Prashant’s C63 AMG. He thinks he can just get away with not washing it because it’s wrapped with a matte black vinyl. Apparently not. lol

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