WSC Super Meet 2012

Finally got my ass up to go and do something. Yesterday was the Western Subaru Club 2012 meet that they hold every year at VEX performance. Peeps come out and there’s BBQ, a bunch of subies, and just a chill time. I think the guys went and did a cruise and dinner after too.

I showed up a bit late at probably 2:30 and it looked like most of the cars were there but people kept coming and going in the little time that I was there. I made sure to get a picture of every car that was present while I was there – so if I missed you, it’s because you left early or came after I left!

This was my second WSC meet since owning the STI – definitely a nice meet to come to and meet new people and put faces to the usernames. I think I was more interested in everybody’s username than their actual name haha!

Anyways – onto the many pics! The weather has been shitty all week so a lot of the cars were dirty and it’s more of a meet and greet. Subaru’s are supposed to be dirty though, right?

A Supra was there to play too.

Chase’s WRX – scroll down a bit and you’ll see the shoot I did with him a while ago.

Jackie’s old TE37’s that were custom candy blue – now fluorescent pink.

Pretty clean and simple Legacy. I liked this one.

Liked this STI too. Gram Lights and wingless. I’m not a fan of wingless STI’s or Evo’s because it makes it look so naked or unfinished, but this one had a CSL-type carbon fiber trunk (don’t know the name of it) and I love them.

Poor Form Lexus IS on WORK Schwert SC1’s right outside the bay. Eye catching color combo. Nicely done.

Took a pic of the this WRX because frankly – I’ve never seen a carbon hatch before! Pretty cool.

Wagon love.

Front shot of the black WRX with the carbon hatch.

An R33 was out to play as well.

A super clean hawkeye WRB STI – super clean. I loved the lip and the accents in the bay. Another nicely executed STI.

Clean. Subaru should have done the tail lights like this from the factory.

Moving inside VEX’s shop – they had a bunch of their project cars on display. Two R35’s were the big game hunters in there. Impressive cars for sure.

Mod list of the red GTR

A very clean hawkeye STI on TE37 SL’s. I personally wish the wheels were more aggressive, but at the same time he probably wouldn’t be able to fit a wide tire if he had gone that route. Now that I think about it, I forgot to check what size he was running. I loved the Tomei parts.

I’m not even going to lie – I don’t know what this is, but it was pretty bad ass.

An RX-7 sitting alone in the very back of the shop on TE37’s.

The other GTR on display. Not as many mods as the red one, but it’s crazy how you can have a few bolt ons and a nice tune and boom – you’re in the high 900’s.

Full view of their shop.

And finally I got to get a shot of this STI. It was being crowded the whole time, but the crowd died down and I snapped a pic of it. It currently holds the record for the fastest STI on Sunny’s (Airboy) dyno. I think it was something like 470ish hp? He took a few rips around and it sounded really good too.

Super clean bay. Love the ARC plate.

That’s pretty much it for the WSC meet in the half hour or so that I was there for. Until the next meet…

6 thoughts on “WSC Super Meet 2012

  1. Jason i didn’t know that you did photo shoots at the vex shop. Lol
    There is one photo with my car in it if you didn’t notice. Makes me miss it buddy.
    thanks for the trip down memory lane

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